Today's devotion from Numbers 24 and 25.

This book was written to give an account of Israel, not Balaam or Balak. The account of these two men is given a lot of space, but the emphasis is not on them as much as it is on the ineffable faithfulness of God to His covenant promise. Even as God said the words, He knew what was coming. Therefore, the subject of Numbers 25 is the fact that God's promise, uttered immediately before the outbreak of sin in the camp, cannot be thwarted even by their waywardness.

True. Individuals bore the repercussions of their sin. Those who aligned with Baal of Peor and led others to do likewise were punished. But the covenant promise of God would live on for those who were passionate about Him and His ways.

As we survey the current state of our culture, it is tempting to say we're all in the same boat, but that's not true. Sure, there are commonalities that are going to effect believers and nonbelievers alike. However, for those of us who will be zealous with God's zeal, we can be assured of our place in God's promise. However, we have to be careful. The zeal that God applauded in Phinehas was not the killing of those guilty of sin, but was directed toward the holiness of God. Phinehas took it upon himself to follow the command of God because He respected God.

While God has not ordered us to kill anyone, He has revealed something He is passionate about. He has called us in this age to be instruments of grace in proclaiming the gospel to the whole world. This was something He was so passionate about that He didn't even spare His own Son. Yet, it seems that few believers are as passionate about promoting the gospel as they are attacking the culture.

This is incredibly convicting, but it is a question that we must ask ourselves. If God is passionate about His promise and the good news of the gospel, why aren't we? Maybe we should pray to become zealous with His zeal?