you shall surely be king

Today's devotion from 1 Samuel 23 & 24.

With blade drawn, David crept through the darkness toward his unsuspecting enemy. Saul was within his grasp. Those faithful men who had followed him saw their reward for their efforts glinting in the gleam of a drawn dagger in a dim cave. David's days of hiding could have been over. Instead, the blade sank into the fold of a robe while others were sure it would find its way across the royal neck. What was David thinking?

David understood a truth many of us fail to grasp. We cannot force our way to God's will. That is, those things God has ordered and decreed will not fail in coming to fruition in accordance with His timing. Had David struck the king in that moment he would have been no different than any other usurper in history. There would have been no divine affirmation of his reign. Sure, he could have told people about Samuel anointing him. He could have professed to the masses that God had called him to govern Israel. In the end, would anyone have believed him? Would his be the reign of a common cutthroat?

David trusted God to bring him into his place in the divine plan, and that freed him from the responsibility and weight of having to make his own way. I think this is an oft overlooked matter. Too many of us feel the cumbersome weight of trying to make our way to God's plan. We doubt our ability to overcome all the obstacles between where we are and that place where we are going.

The problem is, it's not really our job to make our way. Really, it is our place to simply follow God as He makes our way. Following God is hard enough even when I'm not out front and trying to lead the way. In being patient, even Saul has to remark on the righteousness and place of David.

Today, as you look to where you think you are going, seek patience to walk behind God so that when you arrive at your destination it is His sovereignty that gains glory, not your trailblazing.