you are not able

Today's devotion from 1 Samuel 17.

One of the intricacies of David's life that has always fascinated me is how patient and unassuming he is. While already anointed king, he continues to obey both father and king. He has to put up with his brother's accusations of "evil" intentions. That sounds just like family.

David has to face another set of allegations, from the king no less. We don't think he ever had evil intentions, but the king is absolutely right. David has no business meeting this trained killer in man-to-man combat. He is not yet a man. We can assume he was not a kid, but it is apparent that he is not yet a man. If he were, the king would have summoned him to the battlefield to defend his home.

David, not old enough, strong enough, or trained enough for battle would now hold the fate of Israel in his hands. What makes it even worse is that his initial opposition was neither wrong nor spoken in enmity. These were men who knew him and cared for him who spoke against him, not the enemy.

As you face the challenges and tasks before you, know that some opposition will difficult to overcome. The difficulty doesn't lie in the strength of an enemy as much as in the questions and concerns of those who would appear to be your allies, friends, and family. It will not be spoken out of hate, but love. It will not be filled with animosity, but compassion and concern. Yet, if it prevents you from trusting God to accomplish the task He has sovereignly set before you, it is just as harmful.

When God is involved, you are not able. If you are able to personally accomplish the tasks He sets before you, then I would highly question the authenticity of those tasks. David repeatedly recognizes that this battle is not his. Rather, it is God's battle He is entrusting into inexperienced, weak, and unskilled hands, just as when He entrusts his work into ours.