You Are Just

Today's devotion from Revelation 14-16.

It is terrifying to read of the judgments that will be unleashed on the earth. Yet, as the angel of the waters says, it is a just judgment because it is the judgment decreed by a just God. As if to confirm for us the truth of this statement, we read in the pouring out of the fifth bowl of wrath that the pain experienced by those receiving judgment drives them to growl blasphemy instead of plead for mercy.

This detail illustrates the enmity that exists between God and man. The sin that separates us from Him drives a wedge so deep that even in unimaginable pain we will not relent in our sinning. Instead, we gnash out at the holy One whose offer of grace upon grace has been repeatedly declined by us.

When God's grace is at its end and His judgment comes, He is still rightly glorified. Judgment on the sin that inflicts so much pain on Creation is not only right and just, it is glorious and it reveals the rightness of His decision. The blasphemy and anger and hatred only prove His case. Never forget, this is our default without the miraculous work of Christ in us.