Woe to Me Because of My Brokenness

Today's devotion from Jeremiah 10 & 11. Our culture today is so totally mangled by sin that even those who are in the right are wrong. What I mean is that those who stand on the word of God are wrong in their approach to those who stand in opposition. I understand that the tensions created in the current climate can lead to frustration and pain. But look around. We have a myriad camps and tribes that are all huddled together launching insults and hurling allegations. Who is that helping? All it is really doing is dividing and polarizing the culture further.

For this reason I was touched by Jeremiah's response today. He will be affected by the sins of the people. His family and friends will be touched by siege and exile. He is broken by what he sees around him, but even more by what he sees coming. It is an incredibly difficult spot for him. However, we don't see Jeremiah lashing out. We don't see him being divisive. He is proclaiming a hard message with genuine concern.

Can we be accused of the same?

As we stand for the word of God and His ways, can we honestly say that we are more concerned with truth than with winning the argument? Can we get our message across with love in the place of anger? Do our words and actions communicate that we are broken for the pain experienced by others or do they see us gloating in their time of difficulty?

I pray that we don't get so caught up in a cultural war or political infighting that we can't see those who disagree with us through the eyes of Christ. I pray that we will be stirred to stand firm in doctrine by love more than competition. I pray that we might be broken for those we see so harmed by their own brokenness.