Today's devotion from 1 Kings 8.

Initially, when we see Solomon say, "I have indeed built an exalted temple for you, a place for your dwelling forever" (vs. 13) it would be easy to prepare oneself for an arrogant, egotistical, hubris-laiden, self-righteous prayer from a self-important spoiled brat. However, Solomon quickly reveals that more is going on. After outlining the reason he has built the temple instead of his father, David, he changes his tune. Solomon, almost wide-eyed, says, "But will God indeed live on earth Even heaven, the highest heaven, cannot contain you, much less this temple I have built." (vs. 27)

Solomon has struck upon truth. Even in the grandest schemes and undertakings of history, we are laughable in contrast to God. It reminds me of my children trying to help me on a project. I'm not going to let them handle a saw or do any electrical work. That would be ridiculous. Even though they know these things, they sincerely want to help. It never fails that when I begin to work on some project, here comes my son or one of my daughters wanting to "help" me. It is sweet, and I try to be patient. I know days will come when I am deafened by the silence left in their absence.

So, I invite them to help. They can hold this, go look for that, and stand on this. They usually lose interest pretty quickly, but they get to "help" daddy. How would you react if you were to come into my home, look at the 10 foot long farm table we recently built, and hear my 6 year old say, "I built that." You might chuckle, or look at her skeptically, but you would immediately see the impossibility in her statement. Yet, how often do we look at the work of God, and proudly take credit for what He has done?

Solomon knew that this small structure could not possibly contain the Sovereign of Creation, but that wasn't the point. Our faith is, somewhat, fueled by the ridiculous. Is it more ridiculous to think that this building could house God, or that God would willingly choose to relate to mankind? I guess what I'm really saying is, "Quit worrying about credit. Just be amazed that God is part of your story."