Width and Length

Today’s devotion from Zechariah 1-3. Zechariah’s visions are interesting. They are not like some others we find in the prophets. His visions are typically short and concise. As we read these visions today, one theme that flows throughout them is best summed up in a word: preparation.

We particularly see this evidenced in chapter 2. The vision of Jerusalem being measured speaks of God’s zeal to ensure its readiness to receive His people regathering from their dispersions throughout the world. While it was God’s will to exile them to various points in order to purify them, His ultimate goal has been to restore them to their rightful place in the land of promise.

We must remember that the Promised Land is not the end goal of God’s plan. Be sure that it is important, but only in that it provides the base of operations for the restoration of all Creation. He will gather His people once again, and He will dwell with them. Again, we see God’s full intention of bringing all peoples to Himself to gather with His people.

As His people.

Read the words and rejoice, “Many nations will join themselves to the Lord on that day and become my people.” (Zechariah 2:11, CSB) We begin to see a wondrous truth emerge. The message of this vision is that the place of promise has been measured and found to have sufficient width and length for any and all who will come to Him!

You are not an afterthought to God. He has been planning and preparing for you to join Him and His people.