who shall go up first

Today's devotion from Judges 1.

The book of Judges is a book about leadership. From the first words of the first chapter, the people of Israel are struggling to find their way. As evidenced by the repetition of Caleb's account in Joshua, Judges provides some gap material.

Some of the tribes were completely successful while others were not. Given the promises made by God, the fault for these failures lies in the unfaithfulness of the people, not on him. These are failures that will come back to bite the people later. Something is going to have to give in the lives of the Israelites.

As we journey together through the book of Judges, you will see people called to lead who really seem unqualified in many ways. You'll see people who try to lead that shouldn't. As we encounter these men and women, remember this truth: the Israelites had everything you could want in relation to walking with God. They had their own land. They had priests. They had the Law. They had seen His miraculous work. They had seen Him fulfill His promises. Yet, even with all of these pieces putting together the perfect puzzle, they still couldn't be faithful.

It provides a shocking commentary for us today. If our faithfulness can't be secured even in optimal conditions, what hope do we have? Friend, this is why God did not send us a leader alone. No one could simply show us the way. No. We needed more than that. We needed a Savior.