While You Wait

Today's devotion from 2 Peter 2 & 3.

Every few years someone new will predict the end of the world. It seems like we're infatuated with the concept of the end of all things. I remember several years ago there were myriad movies about how life might come to a close. There was the movie about everything freezing. There were multiple movies about asteroids. The horror genre seems to be casting votes for mutated viruses. According to Hollywood, there is always the threat of hostile aliens.

Now, most of these movies don't seem to think the end will actually be the end. Instead, they foresee a post-apocalyptic future in which there are any of a thousand different antagonists to be overcome. When I was going through my own personal "end of the world" phase, a phrase that was often used for these adversaries was "MZB's" or mutant zombie bikers.

I took the bait. Hard.

I got wrapped up in a fear that western society was going to collapse. Be it earthquake or electromagnetic pulse, there would be no technology, no electricity, no hospitals, no food, no anything. I stored nonperishable resources in the basement, planned safe routes back home, and strategized keeping my family safe. Looking back on this time in my life is both humorous and humiliating. I can laugh at myself fairly easily, but it is somewhat harder to laugh when you feel the sting of guilt.

Here, Peter specifically addresses how believers should prepare for the end of the world, and it has nothing to do with bugout bags or ammunition. Instead, we should use the days in which we wait for the end of the world to put in practice our faith. We should model faithfulness. We should have peace.

True. There is no biblical promise that our culture won't collapse. There's no prophecy that American stocks won't plummet. There's not assurance that war won't come. But there is the steadfast promise that, in spite of what may or may not happen, God will remain sovereign, and that should be enough.