When God Watched Over Me

Today's devotion from Job 29 and 30.

Do you remember how we began our study of Job? The real heart of the book is not an indictment against Job, but the result of an accusation leveled by Satan toward God. According to the Enemy, God is not worthy of praise, so He has to bribe men and women to worship Him by blessing them with health and wealth.

As Job continues his defense, we find this lament, "Oh, that I were as in the months of old, as in the days when God watched over me, when his lamp shone upon my head, and by his light I walked through darkness." (Job 29:2-3, ESV) This is only the beginning of this thought. He continued with many more examples how things had been in the past, and each reason caused him to look longingly on those days.

We've all been in a position where we would look back with the realization of how blessed we were. I don't know about you, but there are days when I look back on my adolescent years and wish my current responsibilities mirrored those of my early teenage years. It was truly a burden to do all that hiking and wandering around the farm. I wish I had chores instead of bills now!

We must all be cautious when we look back that we don't forget that God is with us in the present. Just because our current situation looks different, it doesn't mean that God is any less with us. It simply means that our circumstances have changed. The God who offered you all those blessings previously is the God who will bless you in this moment, also. Maybe we can't see how He will accomplish this, but we must have the faith that He is.