Today's devotion from 2 Samuel 15.

Reading this chapter, I was truly overwhelmed by the attitude of David. In particular, I was trying to think through this situation in an attempt to determine how I would pray. On one hand, I am being hounded by an enemy, so I would think an imprecatory (to invoke or call down evil or curses upon a person) prayer would be called for. On the other, how could I pray for God's wrath to swallow up and destroy my own son? Of course, I realize that David's relationships with his children is less than ideal. But still, we saw him grieving when Absalom was in exile. He loves his son, even if he doesn't show parental affection in the best way.

David's approach is revealed in his direction given to those carrying the ark of the covenant. In particular, he told them to return it to its place. The reason was due to his trust in the sovereignty of God. David says, " If I find favor with the Lord, he will bring me back and allow me to see both it and its dwelling place. However, if he should say, ‘I do not delight in you,’ then here I am—he can do with me whatever pleases him." (2 Samuel 15:25-26, CSB)

His attitude paints a picture of someone placing his entire situation in the hands of God. Can I pray and live like that? Can I simply place myself in God's hands without feeling like I need to give Him pointers on what He should do? Am I confident enough in my walk with Him that I would just be able to live whatever was before me trusting Him for the outcome?

Of course, we know that David is praying and writing psalms that will deal with imprecation and praise, but this question gave me pause. How much do I trust God? How much do you? Could you stare uncertainty in the face and  say, "Let God do to me what seems good to Him"?