What I Did Not Understand

Today's devotion from Job 42.

After God fully revealed Himself to Job, the mere mortal was rightly overwhelmed. He confesses that he is guilty of speaking of things of which he had no knowledge. He had argued and leveled charges. He had complained and misspoke. All this he had done without a clue.

As I read this chapter, knowing exactly how the account ended, I was drawn to one concept in particular. It wasn't the rebuke on his friends for their ill-advised counsel. It was the livestock and wealth God lavished upon Job. It wasn't the restoration of fortunes and fellowship. It wasn't the blessing of children. What caught my attention was a phrase uttered by Job as part of his confession.

"I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees you." (Job 42:5, ESV)

Hearing of God is incredibly important. I am a preacher. I believe it is not only one of the highest callings, but also one of our greatest privileges to be able to tell others about God. I spend hours each week poring through Scripture and commentaries in order to prepare to preach so that others might hear of God. A cornerstone of our Christian faith is the Great Commission in which believers are commanded to go and tell others about Christ so they might hear of God. Paul tells the Romans that the preaching of the Gospel is the means to salvation in Romans 10. I say all of this to point out how incredibly important it is to hear of God.

But nothing compares to seeing God. There is not enough theological education to prepare one for the encounter. Words do not exist in any language to accurately capture and portray the astonishing majesty of God. When Job saw God he despised himself and immediately repented.

The book of Job began with an allegation that God is not worthy of worship in His own right. Satan accused Him of having to buy the love and adoration of men. The book ends with Job utterly astounded by the majesty of God. Satan has failed. Nothing can rob God of the awe and reverence He deserves.