What Great Love

Today's devotion from 1 John 3-5.

Sometimes, we forget that God actually wants us. He desires us. As John 3:16 states, He loved us so much that this love led Him to sacrifice in order to have that relationship with us that He desired. If this is true, and it is, then that should have an affect on how we relate to Him. Specifically, in reminding us of this, John captures the wonder of God's love for us.

We have various terms to help communicate our identity as those who worship God. Christians. Believers. Followers. Church. These are each useful in identifying us to others, but notice the awe of John as he celebrates what God calls us. We are His children!

As he fleshes this idea out, John introduces us to one of the most profound thoughts in all of humanity. God wants more than our worship, more than some thing or some action from us, He wants us! This is a key difference between Christianity and so many other religions. The gods assembled on Mount Olympus need the worship of humanity in order to exist, but God has need of nothing. We are not just toys to be played with, but God's children desired by our Father. 

Who are any of us that God would desire us? But that is the truth. How should this affect our attitude toward God. So many times we’re tempted to simply view our relationship with God as one of obedience, but it should be one of freedom. God’s Word is not demanding us to obey by threat of damnation. Instead, it is a pleading call that beckons us to escape the certainty of punishment. It is an invitation to walk with Him in personal relationship in the midst of a fallen world. It is the outstretched hand of our Father offering to reassure us with His presence in the frightening darkness of our world.

How amazing is the love of God?