What Are You?

Today’s devotion from Zechariah 4-7. Zechariah 4 contains some of the best known and most beloved words in the minor prophets. It is no coincidence that these words are uttered, not out of description of preparation, nor are they spoken about the end goal. Rather, they address the means by which God will accomplish the task He has undertaken.

In a promise to Zerubbabel we read,

Not by strength or by might, but by my Spirit.

God will accomplish his plan for Zerubbabel without relying on his own power, abilities, skills, or wisdom. That is not to say that those traits will not be used by God toward His design, but, ultimately, God is the one that will bring about His intentions for Zerubbabel. I believe this is true for all of us. All that is required of us in accomplishing God’s plan is faith and tenacious obedience.

I won’t lie. Many times we can feel overwhelmed at God’s plans for our lives. In truth, I think we should. If we’re not a bit concerned about the task to which God has called us, if we’re convinced that we can accomplish God’s plan in our life without His help, then I’d be afraid that I had misunderstood my task.

Following God faithfully often relies on a tension. We live in the tension between the already and the not yet of the gospel. We live in the tension of being both a resident of the world and a citizen of the Kingdom. We also live in the tension of wanting to believe God could use us for great things, and actually believing He will.

When you can’t seem to find grace or forgiveness for that person that hurt you, God is calling you to something greater than your own ability, rely on His Spirit. When you feel overwhelmed by the the class He’s entrusting to you or the ministry that needs your leadership, rely on His Spirit. When you can’t seem to find the patience to wait for Him to lay out exactly what it is He’s leading you to do, rely on His Spirit.