Until I Attend to Them Again

Today's devotion from Jeremiah 26 and 27.As Jeremiah 26 ends, we read about the death of Uriah. It is clear that his death was not carried out in the passion of a moment. His capture was deliberate. Men and resources were devoted to quieting this faithful prophet. He died because he spoke for the Lord. Yet, the people and their government did not care for his message. They did not want to hear the Word of the Lord that condemned them. In the conclusion of that same chapter, we read that Jeremiah is only spared a similar fate because he had the support of Ahikam. Of course, this was not merely a coincidence. God had sovereignly positioned Jeremiah so that His voice would be heard through the prophet in spite of the hardened hearts of the people.

As chapter 27 opens we see that God has another illustration and message for the people. Even though Uriah's capture and death were reported and known, Jeremiah offers no excuse or resistance to God's command. God asked. No. He commanded Jeremiah to endanger himself in order to continue preaching a message of repentance to a people that did not want to hear it. That sounds like a perfect reason/excuse to not follow through.

It is easy in ministry, to find excuses to not serve those that God has placed us among. They are often ungrateful. Responses can range anywhere from suspicion to superiority, from opposition to apathy. Regardless of where they fall in that spectrum, the time might come when we are tempted to think it doesn't matter. Maybe we will get discouraged and just want to give up. Maybe we will get mad and want to quit.

Remember and realize the truth of these words: the disobedience of others is not an excuse for my disobedience.

When we stand before God, we will not answer for their response, but we will give account for our personal choices in following Him. Don't let others affect your relationship with God. Just follow Him faithfully, and He will handle the rest.