Today's devotion from Jeremiah 2. There was a time, when Israel was young, when they actually followed God. It was a long time ago, but they are reminded of that time by one who is himself young, but boldly calling out against their decaying culture. They follow their own twisted desires now. They oppress the poor and cannot imagine that they are doing anything wrong. They have forgotten God in their pursuit of love and prosperity. In the end their worldly desires will be their undoing.

God utters this phrase and it echoes with power, "How unstable you are, constantly changing your ways." (Jeremiah 2:36a, CSB) Their instability is not due to God's evolving Word or unsteady presence. He is unchanging and ever true. He is a rock and a foundation. He is constant. No. The inconsistency in their lives and culture is due to their unwillingness to rely on His faithful and timeless ways.

I feel like this message could be applied to almost any era, but it especially resonates in our current culture. We live in a society that is discontent. Those around us constantly want newer, shinier, and expanding. They push the envelop, realize it's not enough, and begin to push again. We live in a culture that is set upon redefining the most basic elements of everyday life that have been established for millennia in the pursuit of happiness, wholeness, and meaning. However, they don't realize that there is nothing they can change that will establish what they desire. It will never be enough and will always be corrupted.

The only true source of stability is in that which is unchanging, and there is only One that is eternal. Yet, fewer people seem interested in truth. They are too preoccupied with their constantly changing whims and desires to realize that none of those things they give their lives to will ever reward them with what they seek.

In the end, it was this mentality that caused the Jerusalem to fall and its inhabitants to be carried away in bondage. Look around, and you will see generations enslaved for the same reason. True, there are no Babylonian captives in modern America, but there are many many slaves.