Today's devotion from Psalms 86, 87, and 88.

I don't think that I am alone in stating that I am, occasionally, of two minds. On one hand, I want to honor God above all. I want to grow in my faith and develop as a believer. I want to trust in Him beyond all else. Then there is the other side. It's the easily distracted side of my mind. It is easily distracted by the flashiness of the world. It gets preoccupied with materialistic issues. It becomes overly concerned with situations and issues that arise in my life.

In Psalm 86, David's prayer is very similar to many of the ideas presented in the psalms. He acknowledges his lowliness and need in light of the oppression of his enemies and the greatness of God. He recognizes the wondrous nature of God. There is one unique and powerful concept that captured my attention. David asks for an undivided mind. What singular object does David desire to set this undivided mind upon? Fear. David asks for an undivided mind to fear the name of the Lord.

Is it possible that you and I are often so wrapped up in cleverness that we fail to remember what is truly important? Could it be that, in all of our striving, we fail to remember to remember God as One worthy of reverential awe? There is a reason that we read in Proverbs 9:10, "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom." What David is asking for is not to be afraid of God, per se. Instead, he is simply asking for such a powerful and clear revelation of God that all other issues, thoughts, and concerns are pushed from his mind. In other words, God is all.

What issues do you face today that seem to be more pressing that God? What situations are causing you to lose focus of God? Maybe today is a good to to seek an undivided mind that is focused on the great God who easily overshadows your every concern.