Truth Will Out

Today's devotion from Numbers 5. This chapter offers three differing situations. First, there's the issue of those with skin diseases. Due to the possibility of contagion, those suspected had to leave the community. I'm assuming that many of these would be difficult to hide, especially from those closest to us. So, this was an outward issue that needed to be addressed.

The second situation also required confession. Those with the skin disease needed to confess for the benefit of the nation, but what of those who had sinned against another. This was a more personal injury. Therefore, the guilty party was to confess to the wrongdoing, and make restitution for the losses. So, the situations are drawing closer, from the general welfare of the society, to the specific welfare of an individual.

The third situation dealt with the most intimate harm of all, that of the loss of trust within a marriage. This deals with an issue slightly different than skin diseases or personal wrongdoing. This involved the breaking of a covenantal vow. With the breaking of this vow, God got involved. What happens if one won't confess? What happens when you can't disrobe the person and see the ailment? When God reveals the guilt of those tested, it will be be in such an obvious and physical way.

In this interesting jealousy ritual, God does more than prescribe a way for determining innocence or guilt. He is reminding all of us that He cannot be fooled. Truth will out. Even if one finds a way to hide their sin so well that no other person can find it. The truth will be found out. It's always best to confess to God, and throw ourselves on His mercy while His grace might still be found.