Timing is Everything

Today's devotion from Leviticus 23.

Leviticus 23 provides quite a list of the special days and times of God in the lives of the Israelites. These times were established and appointed by God, not by the Israelites. There are times of rest and celebration. Prescribed days in specific months or following certain events, these days were set aside by God for the people. Why? Is God so interested in festivals and celebrations?

We often get so wrapped up in the offerings that we forget that God is interested in more than just our physical gifts. Just as God wanted His people to remember Him as Supreme Provider, He knows that even more important is that we remember that our days are His too. Our time is not our own. When we are His, all of us, ever facet, the totality of who we are, all is His.

How wise of God to prescribe certain times that would cause the entire culture to look to and remember Him. Just as I would love to be able to give millions of dollars to good and benevolent causes, I can't. My inability is mainly because I don't have millions of dollars. So, I must steward what I have. I have to make choices of how to spend or invest what I do have. I honor God with a tithe. We give to benevolent causes. We practice hospitality and fellowship. All of these things must be done intentionally because we don't have the money do everything.

Likewise, you don't have the time to do everything you would like either. Someone once said, "You can always get more money, but your days are numbered." Shouldn't we be even more guarded with our time? Too many people have been tricked into being endlessly busy, but to what end? What do we accomplish? Sometimes we need to quit spending minutes that we don't have, and, instead, better invest those that we do.

God told us, point blank, to stop and breathe. Set time aside for Him. Not the leftover time, but to block out portions of time that would be His before everything else. Important and meaningful time. Time to celebrate, time to assemble, and time to remember are each powerful and important. There will always be someone or something else that will take your time if you don't intentionally give it to God.