Today's reading from 2 Chronicles 10 and 11.

None of this is a shock to us by now. We've been here and seen this. We knew about Rehoboam's arrogance. We knew about the towering heights of his hubris that would crash down upon the people and the kingdom. We also knew that Jeroboam was waiting in the wings. The kingdom would split. God had ordained it thus. However, now that we get to see the account with the end foreknown, there is something we should note even now.

For the Tribe of Judah, we can see a lingering hope. There is a short period of hope as the people seem to follow the path laid by David and Solomon previously. We can assume this reference is alluding to a semi-obedience toward God and some semblance of continuity of the policies and practices that had brought stability to the area.

However, part of this stability is due to the insecurity of Jeroboam. You see, Jeroboam didn't want the people to be tempted to restore Rehoboam's reign. He wanted the people to follow him. His insecurities led him to believe that the people would eventually reinstate Rehoboam if they continued to return to Jerusalem for worship.

So, he did something that should have been unthinkable. He essentially outlawed the worship of God. He built up the high places where the people would worship idols. He established an alternate priesthood to serve these high places. In his attempt to keep power, he planted the seeds that would eventually lead to the people's destruction.

I'm sure that at the time it made a lot of sense. It was not the best, but it was necessary were thoughts I'm sure he tried to use in justification. At the same time that he was making his decision, countless others were forced to decide if they would keep their homes, or relocate their families in order to continue worshipping the true God of Israel. Jeroboam's decision was meant to strengthen his grip on the people. In truth, it weakened his own kingdom and strengthened the kingdom of Rehoboam for a season.

Today, you cannot let insecurity and fear lead you into failure. The best course is always with God, not against Him or even just negligent toward Him.