there is none like that

Today's devotion from 1 Samuel 20 & 21.

1 Samuel 20-21 presents an important moment in not only the life of David, but in the history of Israel. As you read it, however, you must have noted several things that might give you pause. For example, did you catch all the lying? Jonathan lied about where David was. David lied about his "mission" for Saul and being mad. It's a good thing we are not looking for these two to be our role models!

However, there is one detail that had a profound impact on me as I read. David, fearing for his life, had left in such haste that he had not even equipped himself for the journey. While men were apt to be hunting him down, he was completely unarmed. When he arrived at Nob, he asked the priest, Ahimelech, for food and weapons.

Think about the response. What was to be his nourishment? Not just bread, but the holy bread. David was to be sustained by the bread of the Presence. Then, when he asked about a weapon, do you really think it was just coincidental that the only weapon in the place, during a time in which war continually crept up, was the very sword David had claimed from Goliath? How is it that David should receive holy bread and the sword of Goliath at a time in which he is telling lie after lie?

This leads us to an encouraging truth for today. David would be blessed, not because of sinless perfection, but through sovereign design. God had called David, flaws and all. He could do nothing to earn God's favor. This line of reasoning should cause you to pause and ask a question: what was the difference between Saul and David? Saul had lost the favor of God when he disobeyed and rejected Him. David is lying his way across the country, but God is still with him. What gives?

The difference is the heart. Saul's flaws had been to manipulate the worship of God to his own end. David will reveal throughout this chapter of his life that he isn't going to kill for the kingdom, but he will obey God. That's the difference, and that is why God, even in this moment, is with David while He has rejected Saul.

You may not be perfect, but that's ok. God doesn't love you because you're perfect. He loves you because you're His. Just follow Him, and trust in His provision and blessing.