Then They Will Know

Today's devotion from Ezekiel 4-6. I told you that Ezekiel's ministry was, well, unique. Now you are beginning to see for yourself. He is to use visual illustrations of his message to draw people's attention to the prophecies. I would imagine that, during exile, many people were feeling pretty downcast. Naturally, there would have been many people talking about things that were discouraging. So, Ezekiel's delivery is a means of communicating to the people. His every action is a way of drawing attention and standing out.

Imagine what that must have looked like. Surely people knew Ezekiel. Even though we can't be sure how old he was when this ministry started, it would have been a departure from the norm for a seemingly normal person to begin cooking bread over cow dung and lying for over year on his side. Remember, the purpose is for the people to know that there has been a prophet among them.

It didn't matter how the prophet was used, the powerful works of Elijah were overlooked, the solemn words of Isaiah ignored, the quirky illustrations of Ezekiel were just another form of message to neglect. The people would not be content until it was too late. "I will stretch out my hand against them, and where they live I will make the land a desolate waste, from the wilderness to Diblah. Then they will know that I am the LORD." (Ezekiel 6:14, CSB)

What would it take for you to listen to God? I know that many times we wrestle with Him about what we should do. We ask for green lights on the drive home, a message from a friend, or various other signs that make sense only to us. But why shouldn't we believe the message God has already given us? Why would He provide yet another message for us to ignore when we are so good and overlooking all the others?

Today, pay attention to His Word. Be sensitive to the soft nudges of the Spirit. Be mindful of the situations in which you find yourself. It could be that His word and this moment are intersecting, but if we are negligent we may not know or notice.