Their Possession

Today's devotion from Ezekiel 44. As this chapter comes to a close, we see these words, "This will be their inheritance: I am their inheritance. You are to give them no possession in Israel: I am their possession." (Ezekiel 44:28, CSB) In the context of our daily readings, we read these words super-spiritually. We think, "Amen!" We pat them on the back, and then turn off our televisions or close our computers, leave our homes in our cars, and go about our day.

What if being obedient to follow God meant not having your home? What if it meant selling your home, leaving your family, and moving to a hard place for the sake of the gospel? What if being obedient to God meant giving up the creature comforts of life? What if being obedient meant complete and total dependence on Him for your every provision?

Is God really enough for us?

Now, we are not the Levitical priests, but we do believe in the priesthood of the believer. That means that each of us are called to serve God. But before this post goes sideways, let me ask one more question: how would you feel if I told you were already where God has called you to serve?

I remember being terrified that God was going to call me to Africa as a missionary. What I found is that He puts us where we are and opens doors there for ministry. To put it another way, God gave you the home or apartment you live in right now. How have you given it to God? Are you having gospel conversations with your neighbors? Are you inviting people into your home in Christian hospitality?

What about your work? Have you ever thought that your job is more than a job, but a mission field? That job that frustrates you surely frustrates others. How are you ministering to them in their time of discouragement?

Let me challenge you with this thought: Obedience doesn't require you to sell your house and car, leave your family, or move to Africa. It just requires you to give yourself to God wherever you are, because that is where He has placed you. It requires you to realize that those things are nice, but God is your inheritance. He is all you need and want.