their inheritance

Today's devotion from Joshua 13.

Between the conclusion of chapter 13 and the beginning of chapter 14, we are reminded that the Levites have no land inheritance. The other tribes are rewarded with plots and boundaries, but not them. Now, we remember that they have been taken care of in other ways, but we are never to forget that the land is not their reward. While the rest of the people are fighting and dying for property that will be “theirs,” the Levites were to have their eyes fixed on a different prize.

What are the Levites to value? What is their “portion” to use a biblical phrasing? The answer is nothing less than God. They had the privilege of knowing and serving Him in ways the others could never know. True. This was as heavy a responsibility as it was a privilege, but it was theirs and theirs alone.

Again, we see the undercurrent of truth that moves us today. In Joshua’s day, the Levites served God as priests. They led the people in worship and holy things. They alone could do these things and live in the presence of a righteous and holy God. So He was their reward. Their relationship was to be the envy of the rest of the nation because it was something they could never experience of have.

For us as modern believers, we may not be Levites, but we are priests. We have a relationship that even the Levites could not because Christ has ascended and sent the Holy Spirit to not only minister to us, but to indwell us also. This is something unfathomable to most of the people in Israel during the Old Testament.

As we consider this, we must ask ourselves a very serious question: are we satisfied with God being our portion, our inheritance, our reward? Of do we want more/other/different stuff instead of the God who creates and sustains everything. If the answer is ‘no’ because we are not satisfied with God, then we need to repent of our idolatry.