Today's devotion from 1 Kings 7.

Recently our family began making some changes around the house. When we bought our home, we knew there would be some things that we would like to change. We wanted to give it a more open feeling, fresh paint, a more accommodating kitchen, and new flooring. Throughout this project, we tried to do most of the work ourselves relying on research and friends. Man, I would have loved to have a Hiram.

Hiram (no, not that one, another one) was, "...had great skill, understanding, and knowledge to do every kind of bronze work. So he came to King Solomon and carried out all his work." (vs 14) In other words, Hiram was incredibly gifted. I, on the other hand, am a hack. My sheetrock work is not overly smooth. My cuts are never quite strait. My trim is never perfectly painted. I am no Hiram.

As you read about the incredible skill and marksmanship of Hiram, take special note of the pillars he constructs. They are lavishly adorned. We are left to our imaginations, but the words of this chapter paint a picture that would have surely astounded in real life. All that said, did you notice when the pillars were finished? It wasn't when they were found structurally sound or aesthetically pleasing. We read, "He set up the pillars at the porticoe of the sanctuary: he set up the right pillar and named it Jachin; then he set up the left pillar and named it Boaz. The tops of the pillars were shaped like lilies. Then the work of the pillars was completed." (vss 21-22)

When I was painting the walls of my house, I didn't name them. When we read this detail, we should become a bit inquisitive. What does this mean? Jachin means, "He will establish" and Boaz means, "in the strength of." When Hiram named these pillars, it was a symbolic act. When someone would see these pillars in Solomon's home, they would remember the truth. It was not David or Solomon who had established this throne or the house of David. It was God supporting and holding the kingdom and the king up.

Never forget to notice the reminders in your life that you rest in the strength of God. It was He who established covenants, promises, and redemption by His strength according to His will. We are simply the recipients of His good grace.