The Way to What is Good

Today's devotion from Jeremiah 6. What are the charges that God levels against Jerusalem? They are corrupt from the bottom to the top. They oppress the poor and disenfranchised. They have lost the ability to feel compassion or pain, humiliation or joy. They have grown callous and unaware of their either the relationship God desires to have with them in which they find their true identity or their rebellious sin that defines their true nature.

Not only were they incapable of sensing how wrong their lives where. They were unwilling to find their way back.

Stand by the roadways and look.

Ask about the ancient paths,

“Which is the way to what is good?”

Then take it

and find rest for yourselves.

But they protested, “We won’t!”

Jeremiah 6:16, CSB

We won't! What tragic words. The weight of their rebellion, their sin, and all that would result from it rested squarely on their own shoulders. The heart-rending truth was that all their suffering was avoidable if they would only heed the call of God. If they would only listen to His warnings. If they would only follow His advice, their lives could have been so different. Hope wasn't hidden and their suffering wasn't forced on them. They simply chose it.

If this sounds familiar, it might be due to the fact that so many among us today make the same decisions. They chase after the things of the world in a futile attempt to find happiness, but they only discover new and worse pain. The result in our day is similar to that of Jeremiah's generation. Families are torn apart. Lives are wrecked. Hope seems lost.

But with our God, hope is never lost.

In Him, even the most tragic and disastrous events can find meaning, purpose, and, ultimately, bring glory to Him. That is my prayer for our nation at this time. After some of the most devastating acts of violence we have seen, I still have hope, because I still trust God. While many in our nation are politicizing the tragic events, let us, as believers, keep point people toward God. His is the way to what is good.