Today's devotion from 1 Kings 22.

This is how Ahab's life and reign end. A seemingly random shot from a nameless archer appears to take the king down in a freak accident. Only, this was no accident. Every aspect of this account was ordained. God sent false visions to Ahab's pet prophets. God ensured that the arrow found its mark. God fulfilled his promises concerning Ahab.

Yet in this last chapter devoted to Ahab in the book of the kings, another steals the show. Along the way, Jehoshophat, king of Judah, wants to hear from God concerning the matter of Ramoth-gilead. All the false prophets, filled with fake visions, encourage the campaign. Zedekiah even puts on a worthy interpretive performance involving iron horns.

However, what we need to hear more often than not is not yes, but the truth. Enter Micaiah, a prophet in synch with God and bold enough to speak the truth. Ahab doesn't like him. This dislike is because Ahab is like a toddler. Neither like to be told no, they expect to get their way, and if they don't, both are prone to bouts of pouting. So, Ahab has proven that he would rather have a false prophecy that comforts him than a true word from God.

Micaiah is so captivated by truth that he is willing to endure harsh treatment in standing by the true word of God. Here we have all of these kept "prophets" who are living well of the falsehoods they feed the king against Micaiah, a man who didn't seek the limelight, but was called to serve by doing something no-one would have wanted to do. For Ahab and Micaiah both, a truth remains: avoiding the truth doesn't change it.

In our world today there are untold millions who are running from the truth of God. Who will have the integrity and boldness to share the truth in the name of the Lord?