The Revelation

Today's devotion from Revelation 1.

Genesis is a theology text.

I write the above words because we sometimes need a reminder of what Scripture is and is not. God did not reveal all desired facts in His Word, but He did reveal Himself. This means that you can search the pages of the Bible for answers (please do!), but that doesn't mean you will find the answer you want. Instead, you will see the revelation of the God Who Is.

As we turn to the book of Revelation, we need to remember that, just as the Old Testament prophets were intentionally vague and generic in some cases, so too will this prophecy be less than all inclusive. These words are not meant to give us indisputable facts or a checklist of events. It is a revelation of Jesus Christ, belonging to Him and shared by Him with his servants.

At the end of Genesis, we are not supposed to have all our scientific curiosities abated. Instead, we are supposed to have a growing faith in the God who introduced Himself through its pages. Likewise, the end of Revelation will not find us having all our eschatological (study of end times) questions answered, but we should have a growing faith in the God who is working to redeem all Creation from sin and the Fall.

This may seem like a cop out, and maybe it is, but in truth which is more important? Facts about the end time or faith in the One who controls time?