Today's devotion from 1 Kings 14.

The word that best describes the events of 1 Kings 14 is this: tragic. Jeroboam will not only lose his son, but his lineage. Rehoboam loses the last vestiges of the vast and opulent wealth accumulated by Solomon. In reality all this chapter communicates is the hopelessness of the situation. Neither king holds a candle to the faithfulness of David. Therefore, neither king can truly be blessed by God to the extent that He desired.

Notice the words and phrasing used by the author. We get hints of the grand dreams attempted and maybe even achieved in the live of either man. They warred. They fought. They schemed and planned, but in the end the only thing that truly mattered was their utter failures in following God. The rest is really just details.

This time of year there are many distractions and pursuits, both worthy and otherwise. We may feel like we are being pulled in every possible direction at once. We try to make that event, do this for our children, do that for our parents, and try to be every possible thing to every person's possible need. However, I think it's important for us to realize that these moments will eventually fade into obscurity.

No one will remember in a few years if your turkey was dry or the tree wasn't lit or the office party wasn't perfect. But what will matter is your relationship with God. Will you be found faithful? Will these moments cumulate into the positive movement and growth of your relationship with Him? Or, is it possible, that we might find ourselves busily building kingdoms that will crumble to the neglect of our place in His eternal Kingdom?