Today's devotion from 2 Chronicles 5 and 6.

This was a day when Israel got it right. They had been building toward this moment for many long years. There was much planning, thought, and gathering of resources that had made this day possible. Now, we see the people are continuing that diligent attention to detail on this, the day of celebration.

What I find truly amazing in all of this is the fact that God's way of celebrating the fact that they were doing everything perfectly, was to fill the place with His glory to the point that they had to quit doing what they were doing. He descended in a cloud that fills the house of the Lord to the extent that, "the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled the house of God." (2 Chronicles 5:14, ESV)

As we read this, we can almost get the sense that God is communicating something more than simply His presence. He is more than pleased with the people. He is not merely making a cameo appearance in their time of exultation. No. God would not be upstaged by the decor, or the fine linen. God took over the event, forced the priests to stop their actions, and confronted the entire assembly as if to say, "This is no longer about you. I will not play a part in your celebrations or worship. I am the Lord God, I am the reason for all of this, I am the ends and never the means. I am here."

Stefanie and I were talking last night about a completely different topic, but part of that conversation introduced a question about growing weary doing good. I can't remember the exact question, but the idea was in the truth that we can become tired and worn out of doing the right things, good things, even for good reasons. As I read of God's overwhelming presence at this historic event, I couldn't help but to look past Solomon dropped on his knees in prayer to see Solomon heart sliding away.

All of this came together in a very pointed realization. I need to make sure that I am not overlooking God while I do godly things. I need to intentionally recognize and yield to the Spirit's miraculous presence in my life today and everyday.