Today's devotion from 2 Kings 22.

It's amazing how something so vital can be completely forgotten in a relatively short time. Tonight, my family and I had a special night. We took the kids to the ballet, then visited a restaurant that was new to us. It was a great night. After the meal, we all decided to go to the restroom before getting back on the road. As I went down a long hallway, I turned a corner and came face to face with a dinosaur...a payphone.

They had no idea what it was.

It's one thing for my kids to not know the purpose of a payphone, but for a people who had been specially chosen and called by God to have misplaced the Book of the Law, and, even worse, for an official to not really know the significance of the Book, is an absolute tragedy. Yet that's precisely the implication of the account in 2 Kings 22. Hilkiah, the high priest, knew what he had found. Shaphan, the secretary, simply said, "The priest has given me a book."

Can you believe that? A book!? After reading it, they realized that they were in trouble, but they also realized that their trouble was not all of their own doing. The wrath of God was on them because their fathers, the generation before, had been lax. They had forgotten the Book. They had neglected the Book. They had failed to teach the next generation. It's amazing, then, that the beginning of this chapter recognizes Josiah's godliness. How was he godly if he did not know the ways of God?

As I type this, I can hear my kids laughing from across the hall. They are all piled in one bed, trying to go to sleep and play at the same time. As I listen to their voices I shudder to imagine one of them lamenting my failure to teach them the ways of God. May it never be so! Life is busy, but determine in your heart to be the disciple that God has called you to be, and to disciple your family so that they can have every opportunity to follow.