Today's devotion from 2 Samuel 18.

These verses record a difficult chapter for David. When it concludes, his son will be dead. Absalom's death is, indirectly, at the hands of David who wages war to regain his throne. However, the chapter does not only end with difficulty, but begins with emotional duress as David is forced to sit back, helpless, as men go out to battle for him...against his son.

I have always struggled with letting people do things for me. I don't like it. Sometimes it's just a knee-jerk reaction to someone offering to pay for my dinner, or it could be as simple as someone carrying something for me. I don't know why, but default reaction always seems to be negative. I know. I know. I've heard about how people need help, and about letting people reap the benefit of being a blessing. But for some reason, I just never have liked being the recipient, even when I accept their offer.

There are times, however, that require discernment. Some tasks are not meant for me to undertake. In those situations, I must lean on others with more ability or stability in the moment.This was the case for David. He was not staying because of weakness or cowardice, but for the safety of his men. They made valid points as to why David should not go to war with them, and David wisely heeded their counsel.

So, there he stood as his men marched out, basically, to kill his son, and all he could do was stand and watch. Sometimes we must rely on others, depend on them, and allow them to go while we stay and wait. However, we are not required to be passive. David stood at the ready, waiting to offer help or assistance, waiting for any hint of news. Further, some believe that this was the moment when David penned the 20th Psalm.

We may not be able to imagine being in David's place, but we have doubtless all had place our trust in others for a time. It is in these times when we need the wisdom to realize we have met our match, the courage to trust those how desire to help us, the perseverance to actively wait, and the faith to trust in God's plan.