The Beast

Today's devotion from Revelation 12 & 13.

War in heaven, a dragon pursues a woman, and a people are endangered by beasts. This section of Scripture is up for much debate. Is this a revelation of Satan's previous exile? Is it a forthcoming time when Satan will no longer be allowed to enter the heavenly domain (think Job)? It is unsure, but don't worry, theories abound.

There are two statements of fact that stand beyond question. Because of the reality of spiritual warfare, believers must endure and execute wisdom. These aspects of the vision might not be clear, but one thing that is clear is that believers have a responsibility to stand fast in our faith, relying completely on God for direction, and we must seek wisdom and understanding to recognize the tools of the beasts that seek to mislead us.

There are many that are concerned over the thought of not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Some believe this mark is our Social Security numbers. Others believe it will be a similar concept, but more technologically based.

Regardless we cannot fall into the Enemy's trap. As believers, we don't trust in self-sufficiency anyway. God is our provider, not our ability to buy or sell. We must remember the words recorded here. This is not give to us to create fear. Instead, it is revealed to remind us to endure with faith and wisdom.