Today's devotion fro 2 Samuel 9 & 10.

It is always interesting finding notes that I have made from previous readings. For example, I use a wide margin Bible for my daily readings so that I can make notes as they occur to me. In reading 2 Samuel 9 & 10, I stumbled across a crude outline for message on kindness based on David's dealing with Mephibosheth.

As I glanced through them, I decided to intentionally think on them from a different perspective. For example, the first thought I had was, "Kindness is Unexpected." As I reread the account, I noticed David specifically looking for members of Saul's family in order to bless them for Jonathan's sake. Why shouldn't we expect this of David? He had made an oath to Jonathan that essentially promised to treat his family kindly.

Another one was focused on the idea of restoration. David essentially restored Mephibosheth to the palace from which he fled as a child, an event which left him crippled. Is it so strange to think that David would seek to care for Jonathan's family? I know that my wife and I have been asked to be godparents in case tragedy befell a few of our friends.

What had Mephibosheth ever done to deserve the kindness of David. Many would claim it was kindness enough that David didn't hunt him down and kill him as a potential rival to the throne. However, what if Mephibosheth did deserve kindness? He was injured as a child, grew up without his father, and had, apparently, simply made a life for himself. Why not reward him with a bit of generosity? And who says David didn't seek a return on investment? After all, wasn't he doing this to gain a sense of closure concerning the loss of his best friend?

As I played devil's advocate with myself, the point of the exercise became clear. No one but David truly knows his motivation for this act of compassion. Just as no one can know our intentions. I needed this reminder. I don't need to carry undue burden by concerning myself with what others think. Instead, I just need to focus on doing what is right, regardless of who sees or questions or laughs or gossips.

Today, you may be challenged or tempted by some situation. Don't worry about others. Keep your integrity so that you can stand both before the throne and the mirror with your character intact.