Today's devotion from 2 Kings 13.

Elisha is dying, but not yet dead. Before his time comes to an end, he has a message. In foreseeing the future events that await Israel, he instructed the king to shoot an arrow out the window. When the king complies, Elisha declares, "The Lord’s arrow of victory, yes, the arrow of victory over Aram. You are to strike down the Arameans in Aphek until you have put an end to them." (2 Kings 13:17, CSB)

Next, Elisha told him to take the arrows and strike the ground. Granted, this is a strange command, but the king obeys by striking the ground with the arrows three times. When he stopped, Elisha became angry, but why? The implication is that the king was to strike the ground until the prophet commanded him to stop. Instead, the king took it upon himself to quit. Maybe he felt foolish? Maybe he was just bored? Who knows the reason the king stopped, but in his unwillingness to follow through to completion, the king has just set a course for their encounters with Syria.

It seems odd that so much would rest in hitting the ground with arrows, but the action is not as significant as the heart with which it was undertaken. We encounter throughout Scripture. What sense does it make to avoid a plague by smearing blood on a doorpost? What military strategist is going to advise an army to march around a fortified city? What physician is going to recommend dipping seven times in a river in order to cleanse oneself of leprosy? None of these actions many any sense, but that's the point.

God's ability trumps logic. The point of many of these actions is to prove one's faith is in God, not herbal cures or military tactics. Obedience and faith. That's what makes this scenario so heart wrenching. On one hand, the king claims to look to Elisha as a father, yet fails to either (a) understand what he was doing or (b)recognize the importance of it.

Today, God may have you in a position that doesn't make sense and doing something that seems illogical. Throw sense and logic out the window.