Today's devotion from Psalms 110, 111, & 112.

I fear the psalmist is speaking over our heads here. We live in a day and age in which unbelievers nonchalantly profane the name of God while those within the church neglect it altogether. We have, sadly, lost the naive and wide-eyed wonder of God in our modern era. Science has taken deep into the mysteries of creation. Now, be sure to understand that I am not anti-science. On the contrary! I believe scientific discovery is mandated by God's command to steward His creation even in the garden. Yet, that does nothing for the believer who misguidedly believes the luster of miracles is gone because he or she has seen behind the current.

We have done no such thing.

The psalmists were not imbeciles. David knew very well that his victory would come from the Lord, but that did not stop him from applying his keen mind for military strategy. No where does this psalm state that we should only praise God for the inexplicable. On the contrary, Psalm 111 specifically states, "The Lord's works are great, studied by those who delight in them." (Psalm 111:2, CSB)

The problem is not with God's works, but with our hearts. We take God's works for granted. We live ensnared by the lie that we are entitled to blessings, big and small, and often offer prayers that are not so timid as to give God suggestions as to how He should work in accordance with our expectations.

This psalmist could very easily have seen and explained the means and methods God used to provide, but he didn't. All he needed to convey is that God's works, even those dissected by our own logic, are, in reality, more miraculous and awesome than we can imagine. For this, His name is awe-inspiring.