A Shack in a Field

Today's devotion from Lamentations 2.The poetic course of Lamentations continues in chapter 2. As before, you will notice the headings of Aleph, Beth, Gimel, etc. These heading indicate that these sections are being written in alphabetical order. As a writing style, this immediately identifies the genre as poetry. However, just because we are reading poetry we should not assume there is no theology. In this chapter we see that God's work of redemption and restoration include wrath and judgment. The author speaks of God being like an enemy who strings His bow and positions Himself against the people. However, as we read these verses, we should also see that God will spare nothing in His attempt to redeem that which has fallen.

Specifically, notice that God, "has wreaked his temple as if it were merely a shack in a field, destroying his place of meeting. The LORD has abolished appointed festivals and Sabbaths in Zion. He has despised kings and priest in his fierce anger." (Lamentations 2:6, CSB)

In this verse alone we are confronted with profound truths. God would rather destroy His temple than perpetuate a false and heartless worship. He would rather revoke the festivals that were celebrations of His provision, but have been commandeered by cultural hubris and greed. He set kings in power only to find them despicable. He established a lineage of priests only to find them detestable. His anger burns fierce.

As we read this verse, we cannot help but to see Jesus as the only plausible path forward. In Jesus, the temple veil was torn and the temple itself rendered useless. After Jesus, what sacrifice need be made?

With Jesus and the Holy Spirit, what need is there of sanctified gathering places since the presence of God could be wherever His people are?

Why continue symbolic festivals when we can feast at the Lord's Table?

Why worry with kings and priests when He has become the ultimate Prophet, Priest, and King?

Yes, all of the pomp and pageantry limited to the Temple pales in comparison to the true worship of God made possible by Jesus!