Son Of

Today's devotion from Luke 3. Luke has been building toward something. His narrative has now included the important introduction of John the Baptist and his ministry. John's ministry was profound in that he welcomed sinful tax collectors, but they didn't know the next step. What do they do now? John explains, "stop stealing." Soldiers came too, but what should they do to find the right path? Amazingly, they should not abuse their position to extort people.

Finally, Luke gets to his point. Luke writes, "When all the people were baptized, Jesus also was baptized." (Luke 3:21, CSB) I love this tidbit. Luke includes Jesus with the rest of those coming to John. Jesus is included with those thieving tax collectors. Jesus is among those soldiers who had been abusing their power and authority. Yet, he stands amazingly apart. Jesus knew exactly what to do next, and as He prayed the heavens opened, the Spirit descended, the Father spoke, and the Trinity was together in that moment of affirmation. Jesus was the Son of God.

We know this wasn't a "spiritual" or allegorical moment because the other Gospels make it plain that others witnessed this. And, yet, this might not even be the most amazing revelation Luke includes. He waits until this moment to provide a human genealogy for the Son of God. He is also the son of Joseph traced to Adam. Luke very intentionally brings up the name of Adam. It is for the sin of Adam that Jesus now stood on earth, baptized among thieves and thugs.