Sojourn in Your Tent

Today's devotion from Psalms 11 through 15.

There is a theme that runs through these psalms. We see the corrupt oppressing the needy. The wicked trust in their cunning and twisted words to manipulate and disposess. The weak and disenfranchised call out to God for help that seems far too late. There is longing and yearning in the heart of these psalms.

When we get to Psalm 15, David asks, "O LORD, who shall sojourn in your tent? Who shall dwell on your holy hill?" (Psalm 15:1, ESV) Then he begins to outline who it is that is worthy to dwell in the presence of God. Look at the characteristics. What do you see? You see one who treats others with respect and dignity. One who honors God in earthly interactions and relationships.

The psalmist is sharing a powerful truth in that it is impossible to faithfully walk with God and simultaneously walk over people. Our walk with God will be evident in the conversations we have with the waitress, the barber, the public servant, the "friend" on Facebook, and in the hundreds of other moments we share with others.

The point David is making is not that our salvation comes from these actions, but that these actions reveal the one who is in fellowship with God. If we walk with God in accordance with His ways, then it will be impossible to use others to our own advantage.

Why? Because God cares. He cares for the broken and hurting. He cares for the fatherless and the widow. He cares for and is the champion of the weak and the oppressed. If we are walking with Him, as He walks, then our daily ethos will emulate His. We will become more caring toward others and less concerned with self. In essence, we will become more like our Father.

This is who can dwell in the presence of God.