Shattered on the Ground

Today's devotion from Isaiah 20 and 21. I like to watch movies. One sort of genre takes an unlikely person, turns them into a hero through some unlikely scenario, and has them lead a group of people to an unlikely event only to have their new and extraordinary power fail in the moment. Oh no. What will they do? How will this end? Of course, the script is written so that in this moment of sure defeat, the team bands together to triumph using all their talents together with a bit of self-confidence. These are cheesy, but they make you feel good.

What happens when the object of your faith is destroyed in real life? What happens when you're self-reliant, but lose that stability after a doctor's visit? What happens when you go through a financial upheaval and find that you are not as capable of caring for yourself as you thought? What happens when the source of your strength is left shattered on the ground?

This is exactly the scenario presented for Babylon in Isaiah 21:9 when we read, "Babylon has fallen, has fallen. All the images of her gods have been shattered on the ground." (Isaiah 21:9, CSB) In this prophetic message, a day is proclaimed in which the false gods of Babylon will be proven no match of the One True God. He will crush them and the source of their false hopes. When God overcomes, He overcomes completely.

Perhaps you have found yourself in this position? Or it could be that you will one day find that God removes the source of your false hope to remind you of His place as your only true hope. Don't wait for that moment to come. Recognize all that is in your life for what it is. There is nothing you have in which you can place your hopes and trust. Everything you have was given by God as a resource, not a source. It was given for His glorification as you submit yourself to Him in faith. When it becomes an obstacle, He will often remove it to remind us of who we are in Him.