Today's devotion from Numbers 32. There are no real indicators here as to if this is a positive or negative. Are these tribes giving up on the promise of God? Are they settling for less God's plan? Are they truly where God intended for them to be anyway? One thing is for sure: God is not finished with them.

When they approach Moses about their plan, he says, "Should your brothers go to war while you stay here? Why are you discouraging the Israelites from crossing into the land the Lord has given them?" (Numbers 32:6-7, CSB) As we read Moses' words, there is definitely a subtle tone of, "Here we go again." But when these tribes answer, they genuinely appear to be at peace in God's plan. They will not cause their fellow Israelites to stumble in this. In fact, the book of Joshua reveals that these tribes keep their word. They actually do help their brethren take their homes.

When I think about this, I wonder how many of us have settled into our lives while we are content to let others keep fighting? Perhaps God has brought you to the place where you are supposed to be, but there are others that need our help. We have neighbors who don't know Christ. Who is fighting for them? There are entire people groups who need to hear the name of Jesus, but are we fighting for them? I'm afraid it's not us. We are too busy with our own lives to really worry about the eternity of others.

Just as Moses declares that these tribes must fight for their brethren, Jesus has said that we must fight for ours. He has given us a commission to go into the world proclaiming His name and making disciples who follow Him in baptism. Sure, we have lives that keep us busy, but we have to remember that the lives we have exist to support our real calling.

Listen, I know what I'm saying. Between family and ministry, my life is absolutely crazy right now. But I can never forget that my life is not my own. It's not about me. It's about Him in and through me.