set before you

Today's devotion from Deuteronomy 30.


We often face choices. "Red or blue?" "Stay or go?" "Exercise or cookie?" As a parent, there are somethings that I don't let my children have a choice in. "Pick up or else!" "Eat what is on your plate or go hungry." Yet in all the choices and decisions we face, very few times are they of eternal significance. However in the case of the covenant, the stakes could not be higher.

However, the Israelites are without excuse. Moses has delivered the Word of God faithfully and powerfully. They have seen God work miraculously. Now that they must make a decision, they are without excuse. Heaven and earth are called to witness against them in that there is nothing else that could or should be done before they must make their choice. The time is now. They must choose.

In following God, the Israelites would find life. In rejecting Him, they would find death. In following Him, they would find blessings, whereas curses were all that lay on the other path. However, even in this Moses doesn't want there to be any confusion. What, exactly, is meant by choosing God?

Choosing God meant choosing life. This meant a commitment to loving and obeying Him. This is important because it helps us understand that when we choose to be blessed by God, we are choosing to devote our lives to Him. That is the blessing.

I was recently watching a survival television show. Throughout the season one man had spoken of loving his family, and could have been a good man for all I know. But, I got frustrated with him because all season long he cursed, used the Lord's name in vain, and demonstrated anger issues from the first. As the season wore on and the game took its toll, he broke down sobbing and cried out for God.

That's when we all want God isn't it? When times are hard and the outlook is bleak, we fall on Him as some mystical last resort. Moses makes it clear to the Israelites, when we choose to love and God and follow Him, we often find ourself in the right position for blessing. When we don't, we've made a decision...and it wasn't life.