Today's devotion from 2 Kings 10.

It may not be possible for modern readers to visualize the depths of depravity into which Ahab had led the people. Perhaps we cannot fathom the damage done to Israel and the worship of God during his reign. Dr. R. G. Lee, former pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, preached a famous message about the judgment in store for Ahab based on the text of 1 Kings 21 called, "Payday Someday." Jehu has, in effect, fulfilled the promised payday.

Yet, Jehu is not the righteous tool of Yahweh that we might expect or even hope for in this situation. He was flawed. He deceived. He killed even those who really weren't attached to Ahab. As we ride along with him through this passage, he meets Jehonadab, who is apparently a follower of God (See Jeremiah 35), and his comment to him is fascinating. Jehu first asks, "Is your heart true to my heart as my mine is to yours?" Then he says, "Come with me, and see my zeal for the LORD."

After this, Jehu completely destroyed the followers of Baal and the temple. Further, we see that God was apparently approving of this move. However, as the tale unfolds we begin to see a truth revealed in Jehu that often plays out in our own is easy to be zealous about the things of God when it is convenient, but completely different than being zealous about God Himself.

For example, Jehu wanted to solidify his grasp on the throne, so it was in his best interests to make sure none of Ahab's family remained to fight for the throne. Then, the hatred of Ahab and his leadership was such that it was easy to destroy the temple he created along with the people who might still be loyal to him since they worshipped the same God. In those things, Jehu's agenda was in alignment with God's. However, he wasn't so zealous to destroy the golden calves at Bethel and Dan.

Further, verse 31 makes it clear that Jehu was more interested in profiting from the things of God than being zealous for God, Himself. When studying this lesson, I ran across a great quote from Tony Merida that we should all remember, "Jehu says, 'Come see my zeal.' Jesus says, 'Let Me examine your heart.'"

Today, focus on being zealous about God, not the things of God.