Satisfied Their Craving

Today's devotion from Psalm 78:1-34.

Again we find ourselves walking down memory lane as Asaph recalls the sinful cycle in which the Israelites fell. He outlines the many ways God acted on behalf of the people. He points out miracles and works. He reminds of the people's failure and the Lord's judgment. In the section remembered in verses 23-31, the psalmist recounts the provision of God in the manna that fell from heaven and the meat He gave in the form of birds. Yet, the people were not satisfied or grateful. The Lord, seeing their attitudes, struck them with affliction. "In spite of all of this," writes the psalmist, "they still sinned; despite his wonders, they did not believe." (Psalm 78:32, ESV)

As I thought about this, I had a thought. How many times have people lamented to me the absence of a burning bush in their lives? How many times have people voiced frustration over not having clear understanding of God's leadership in a direction, or His communication of a sure plan for their lives, or even solid and firm evidence of His existence?

These Israelites had all of these things. They had Passover accounts and parted seas. They had bread from heaven and water from rocks. They saw the glory. They heard the thunderous voice. They had every tangible evidence in the world, but they still could not, would not, believe. They refused to accept. They rejected and rebelled. With this outlined for us, let's ask ourselves a question. What makes us think we would be any different? In fact, what makes us think we are any different?

Who knows how many times in how many ways God has obviously revealed Himself through something that happens in our lives, only to have us explain it away, ignore it, deny it, take it for granted, or even just deny it? We might claim the excuse of science and reason, but the Israelites had the excuse of ignorance and idolatry. Why would one excuse be any better than the other?

No. The simple fact of the matter is that faith cannot be purchased by mere evidence. We will believe God when we desire to believe. The true issue is not why don't we have burning bushes in our lives, but why don't we believe the God who right in front of us? Just as their was no satisfying their cravings, evidence will never satisfy the craving in our lives that faith alone can fill.