Today's devotion from 1 Chronicles 23.

As the chronicler enters into a section in which he addresses David's organizational duties, he leads us to consider the work of the Levites. Their work had been somewhat menial. They cared for and carried the vital instruments of worship associated with the Tabernacle.

However, a blessed thing happened during David's reign in that the people found peace. God had given rest to His people. They no longer had to wander. Now, they had a home and the enemies that would threaten were defeated. With no wandering Tabernacle and no perpetual state of war, what were these Levites to do?

I think that it is both fitting and beautiful that once their role was of no use, David assigned them another task. Granted, they were given a variety of jobs to fulfill. But I love the picture painted in the later verses of this chapter, particularly verse 30.

When God gives rest, the response is to fill that time with praise.

Think about that. Without the work of carrying items necessary for the Tabernacle, the Levites could then devote themselves to more important matters like thanksgiving and praise. They were no longer about the busyness of worship, but involved in the matter itself.

As a pastor, this is a powerful thought. It is far too easy to get so busy with "churchy" things that I am distracted from actually being part of the church. I know this doesn't just affect pastors, but all believers. Yet, even thinking beyond the here and now, I can't help but to see a glimpse of heaven. After we have completed this time of wandering, won't it be incredible to find ourself in that promised rest with ample time to simple bask in His goodness and glory?

The busyness of this life will, eventually end, and, while I'm not going to wish away a single day of being about our Father's business, I am looking forward to getting to the fulfilling work of His rest.