Rescuing Daniel

Today's devotion from Daniel 6.As Darius began to put his own administrative plan into action, Daniel quickly rose to prominence. Not only was God blessing him, but Daniel was a hard worker who was not corrupt, untrustworthy, or negligent. In other words, God may have been blessing Daniel, but he was demonstrating a personal work ethic that proved effective. See that they had hit a glass ceiling, either through lack of ability or application, these jealous men formed a trap. Of course, I can't for the life of me understand how Darius thought this decree was a good idea. Nevertheless, he signed it, and for thirty days no one was allowed to pray to anyone other than the king. Daniel being the faithful Jew found himself completely ensnared.

We all know about the lion's den. We know about God's miraculous protection and the inevitable punishment of the conspirators. All of these aspects of the account have been taught again and again in churches through Sunday school and nursery, and for good reason, but something I really had not noticed before was how devastated Darius was by this event.

He knew he had been manipulated into making a bad decision, but there was no way out. We see that upon hearing of Daniel's continued practice of prayer he was displeased, but not at Daniel. The verse indicates that he was displeased for Daniel as evidenced by the description, "he set his mind on rescuing Daniel and made every effort until sundown to deliver him." (Daniel 6:14, CSB)

I find in this snippet an insight. Daniel had lived and served in such a way as to cause the king to feel for him. Daniel was not a tool to the king, but he was only an obstacle to these jealous malcontents. God protected Daniel, but even Darius sought to rescue him from his own edict. Daniel was not negligent, but Darius had been. How many times have I thoughtlessly hurt those that I cared for because I was negligent?

Fortunately, God was not too small for a kingsized mistake, and He's not too small to overcome yours either. Humble yourself before Him and trust in His ability.