Report Everything

Today’s devotion from Ezekiel 40. In this chapter we see Ezekiel taken in a vision to a new temple. He is met by an angelic being that will give him a tour of this new place of worship. What we begin to see is that this is a massive structure. However, we must ask what the purpose of this temple is.

Many refer to this as the millennial temple, and will be important during the millennial reign of Christ. If this is the case, then another question follows: why are there rooms for preparing sacrifices? After Christ, why would they offer sacrifices at all?

There are a couple of schools of thought. First, there are those who believe that animal sacrifice will be reinstituted after the Lord’s Supper (proclaiming His resurrection until He returns) is no longer needed. From this perspective, the animal sacrifices are memorials to Christ’s work and sacrifice.

The other school views the idea of animal sacrifice as symbolic. After all, they would say, this is a vision to a people who could not comprehend an end of sacrifice and the reality of a Savior. Therefore, Ezekiel is given a vision that would encourage Israel in a way they could understand.

I fall in the second camp, but I don’t know that it really matters. The point of this vision is to inspire hope in the people, and that is a point worth making. This vision of hope and promise is not just for Ezekiel. He is commanded to communicate it to others. He is given a glimpse of hope, and it is entrusted to him that it should be shared with others.

As I think about this, I realize that the hope we have encountered is not just for my peace or joy. Just as Ezekiel was told to report on what he sees, so, too, are Christ’s followers told to teach others of what He has done. Today, the hope that we have is too valuable to keep to ourselves. You will cross paths with people from all circumstances and backgrounds, people who need the hope that you have. Will you share what you’ve seen of Christ with them?