Profitable to God

Today's devotion from Job 22.

Why? Why does Eliphaz continue to accost Job with unfounded accusations of sin and failure? It should be obvious by now that Job is not going to relent. He is not going to admit guilt. So, why do these friends continue to dog him with this approach?

His insistence of innocence is precisely the point. He knows that he is right, and continuing to argue with him only taps into that most universal of human win. In fighting over something in which he knows he is right, the enemy is not only distracting Job, but also wearing him down. His gaze shifts from the issue to the battle of wills, undermines his faith, and causes him to begin to lose ground. In the next chapter, when Job responds, there will be an obvious sense of decreasing faith. Job will become more and more discouraged. The Enemy's strategy is beginning to look effective.

This is a classic case of winning a battle and losing a war. But that is often the Enemy's strategy. He seeks to lure you into thinking that you have to win this battle. In a sense, he is trying to wear Job down through pride. "I'm right, and you're wrong!" "I'm going to win." "I'll show you!" These are all words we are tempted to utter when falling prey to this tactic.

Today, even if the Enemy confronts you with this strategy, don't fall for it. Trust in God more than your ability to win an argument. Don't lose heart, or faith, or courage. Don't be distracted by this feeble appeal to your pride. Cling to Christ, and lean on His victory.