nothing better for me

Today's devotion from 1 Samuel 26 & 27.

In 1 Samuel chapter 26, Saul again launches a large scale military effort to apprehend David. David avoided detection, infiltrated Saul's camp, stole his spear and water as he slept, then called out Abner for dereliction of duties. Saul (again) sees the error of his ways, repents, pleads for David to return to him, and left for home, leaving David to resume his patient waiting.

As chapter 27 opens, David does something remarkably dense. He got frustrated. He gave up. He quit. The very first words of this chapter indicated the depression that David sunk into. We read, "David said to himself, 'One of these days I’ll be swept away by Saul. There is nothing better for me than to escape immediately to the land of the Philistines.'" (1 Samuel 27:1a, CSB)

You can see his discouragement. Saul is crazy, and will always be crazy. There's nothing David can do about that. But in looking across the border at the greener pastures of life in Philistia without Saul breathing down his neck, David hasn't just given up on his situation. He's given up on God. It was God who led him to return in 1 Samuel 23. It has been God that has preserved him this far. Yet, as David flees the land of promise and the kingdom he will reign we will not see any mention of God.

Go ahead. Look through chapter 27 again. What you will see is a very good strategy executed brilliantly and ruthlessly, but you will not see any mention of God. It would be easy to throw stones at David, but he has done that which you and I have been guilty of doing also. He given up on God, and taken matters into his own hands.

Have you ever messed up like David? It's ok.

David is struggling with the same doubt many of us do, but he is still anointed, he will be king, and he will still be considered "a man after God's heart" by Paul in Acts 13. All is not lost. Simply trust Him today.