Not Alarmed

Today's devotion from Matthew 24.Matthew 24 deals with some difficult issues as Jesus begins to introduce His followers with the concept of the end of time. Maybe it is something they thought about often, but I don't know. We think that some of His followers were looking for the Messiah to be immediately impactful as He became more of a political power than a spiritual victor. Regardless, Jesus felt they needed these words. Just in my life I can remember several doomsday predictions from the Heaven's Gate cult to David Meade's recent swing and miss. What each of these examples have in common is the fact that we're still here. The end has not come. And that's ok.

Of course believers are supposed to desire the return of Jesus when the perfect Kingdom of God overthrows the fallen reality in which we live. But Jesus' words do not give us an exact time. He paints a picture in which His followers can see the shadows, but not the details. There will be turmoil and trouble, but we do not possess the ability to name the day and month. His illustration makes it apparent that it will be more like the slow transition of a season, not the punctual keeping of an appointment.

In all of it, we are not to look for the end at the expense of the present. Neither are we to cower and tremble with fear at the state of the world.  Instead, He offers these words, "See that you are not alarmed, because these things must take place, but the end is not yet." (Matthew 24:6, CSB) Jesus wants us to be prepared. That's all.

Are you prepared? Not necessarily for the end, but for the state the world will be in before the end. The great news is that if you are prepared for the end, then you are prepared for today. No matter what this day throws at you, you have been given everything you need to be ready.